For 2021/2022 pupils will be admitted to all age groups. 

All admission applications should be made through the Local Authority website, in the case of families living in New Lubbesthorpe this would be through Leicestershire Local Authority website.

Contact by Phone: 01163056684     Email:


Mid-term transfer

If you would like to move your child from another school to New Lubbesthorpe, this is referred to as a mid-term transfer.  Applications are managed by Leicestershire County Council on our behalf, see Mid-term transfer applications.

The Trust have drawn up an admissions policy for New Lubbesthorpe Primary School that is fair and accessible. This draft admissions policy, detailing how parents/carers can apply, how places will be allocated in the event of over subscription, and how applicants can appeal against any decisions, can be downloaded here.

Important Information – Catchment map, Admissions Policy

Phased School Opening - Update 

Paragraph 15 of our School Admissions Policy sets out the arrangements for the phased opening of the school, which is being managed to take account of the building and occupancy rates of the new development that the school has been built to serve.

Occupation rates of the new houses are increasing more rapidly than expected and therefore it has been necessary to review our Admission Number for each year group in respect of school admissions from 2021-22, as follows:

Year Group

Admission Number (AN) (2021-22)

Foundation Stage / Reception

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6









In accordance with the policy, these figures will continue to be kept under review and if necessary will be increased further in accordance with demand arising from build and occupancy rates within the catchment area, taking practical operational capacity into consideration.  Once fully open the Admission Number for each year group will be capped at 60.

Admission Appeals
Parents have the right to appeal against an unsuccessful application for a place at our school.  To ensure independence our appeals are managed by Leicestershire County Council.  For details of the Appeals process and the timetable for organising and hearing admission appeals please see
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