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The New Lubbesthorpe PTA are now a registered charity. Our Charity Number is 1193441

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At New Lubbesthorpe Primary School we have an active, enthusiastic and well supported Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The PTA aims to support the school and to help provide a wider and richer experience for the pupils at New Lubbesthorpe.

The objectives of the PTA are to organise events and activities that raise funds for equipment and projects in school, to organise social events for the enjoyment of the pupils, their families and the wider community and to represent the children's interests in community matters.

The organised events vary from year to year but typically include summer and Christmas fair, quiz night, movie night, and more. 

Members of the PTA are parents, carers, teaching and non-teaching staff or those who have previously been involved with the school. All parents/carers and staff are automatically members of the PTA. 


PTA Fundraising 

The PTA endeavor to spend the funds in ways that will benefit all children across the various areas of the school and curriculum. These are usually 'extras' that the school budget would not cover and make the children's experiences at school more fulfilling and exciting.

The PTA liaise with the school about what they would like to be funded. As there are more things on the 'wish list' than funds available there is a process of prioritising and voting in order to come to a final agreement. All parents and staff have a right to hand in requests. 

A presentation of the PTA's finances is delivered at each Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the beginning of the academic year. 



How to get involved

The PTA is run by volunteers and welcomes everyone who would like to get involved (incl. committee membership). There are many ways to help and support the PTA; from one off smaller tasks to larger ongoing projects that can fit around your availability and suit your interest. 

Event-organisation and fund raising are truly a team effort, so many responsibilities are shared across all the members of the PTA.

Every member of the school community can attend the AGM and give ideas for fundraising events.  

Everybody is welcome to attend the PTA meetings. Minutes are available for those who cannot attend.